Policy on cookies

Dear visitor,

The Lingspire company monitors website visits in order to improve the user experience and monitor website operation. Because of this cookies may be uploaded to your device when you visit the Lingspire website.

Cookies are small files that are stored online through browser settings. Almost every website uses them. The web browser downloads them when you first visit a website. On your next visit to the same site via the same device, the browser can check whether a cookie containing the website name is already present. If it finds the cookie, it can use the data from and communicate with the website through the cookie. In this way, the website receives the information that the user already visited the website. In some cases, the website can adjust the displayed content and improve the user experience.

By clicking “I agree”, the user is considered to be familiar with policies to potentially use the data, collected through the above-mentioned third-party cookies and that the user fully consents to the policies.

If you want to block or delete the cookies, you can do so in browser settings. Most browsers allow you to accept, reject or delete cookies. Please read the browser instructions to delete cookies. If you have any problems with blocking or deleting cookies or if you have any other questions regarding this policy, you can contact our technical support at info@lingspire.eu or using other published contact details.